Miss Jessie's Co-Wash 8 oz



Miss Jessie's Co-Wash 8 oz

Ultra creamy non-sudsy, sulfate-free Cleansing Creme co-wash delivers a moisturizing cleanse without suds. This co-wash is extremely softening and promotes manageability for those unruly locks.

A good-quality curly natural hair cleanser is vital to the integrity of your curly, wavy, or kinky hair. In addition to keeping your hair free from dirt and product build up, a quality curl cleanser will contain ingredients meant to improve the look, strength, and texture of hair. This is paramount to us curly hair gals because the more friction that is happening in our hair, the more tangle and frizz is ensured to follow. 

Unfortunately, picking the right hair cleanser seems to be a matter of trial and error. Almost all brands insist that their hair cleanser is the absolute best product, but seeing how a product works on an individual's hair is the only way of knowing which cleanser is truly the best. However, Miss Jessie’s® eliminated that process with our Co-Wash Natural Hair Cleanser. We're experts in curly hair; we know what works best! 

Please feel free to try our featured hair cleansers. If you have any questions or further inquiries about curly hair care, please feel free to contact us.

Finally the product you’ve been dreaming of… Co-Wash Natural Hair Cleanser is the ultimate ultra conditioning super soft daily curl co-wash for natural hair specially made for us - dry, parched, damaged, used and abused, chemically treated, color treated, natural, curly, tight curly, kinky and transitioners hair. Specifically formulated to be an intensely moisturizing cleanser, this sulfate-free hair cleanser is what you’ve been needing. With Co-Wash Natural Hair Cleanser, you don’t need to worry about over washing your hair because this carefully formulated non-sudsy formula will consistently provide you with excellent results. This curly natural hair cleanser co-wash is also a fantastic clarifying conditioner for natural hair, creating a clean freshly prepped supple tangle free hair without fail.

This co-wash for natural hair is great for: Curly, tight curly, kinky and transitioners hair.

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