Premium Human Hair Au Naturale 01-Multi-pack KPEM08 (M11)



Premium Human Hair Au Naturale 01-Multi-pack KPEM08

Multi- pack Contains Five Sets of Au Naturale 01, Natural Lashes with Invisible Band

Premium 100% Human Hair Eyelashes, Suitable For Contact Lens Wearer

Works well for:

  • Small eyes
  • Almond-shaped eyes

How To Use

1. For best results, use with iEnvy Lash Adhesive.

2. Always remember to check fit. Lay eyelash on top of your natural lashes and trim if needed.

3. Give your glue enough time to become tacky before applying lashes. Wait 30-60 seconds for optimal results and hold lashes in place when applying, allowing the adhesive to dry completely.

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