Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Activating Lotion/Developer 7.8oz/15.4oz

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Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Activating Lotion/Developer 

When paired with Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Haircolor, the Wella Developers play a crucial role in facilitating the effective deposition of color onto the hair. This combination ensures long-lasting, even, and vibrant color results. Here's an overview of the key features and usage instructions:

Key Features:

  1. Catalyst for Color Deposition:

    • The developer acts as a catalyst, enhancing the effectiveness of Color Charm Demi-Permanent Haircolor for optimal color results.
  2. Versatile Applications:

    • Suitable for various applications, including glazing, toning, enriching, blending, or prepigmentation.
  3. No-Ammonia Formula:

    • The formula is free of ammonia, providing the desired color and shine without causing unwanted lift.
  4. Size Options:

    • Available in different sizes, including the 7.8 oz and 15.4 oz options to suit your specific needs.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Select the Right Developer:

    • Ensure you choose the appropriate Wella Developer based on your specific coloring needs and preferences.
  2. Mixing Ratios:

    • Follow the recommended mixing ratios provided with the Color Charm Demi-Permanent Haircolor. This information typically includes the proportion of color to developer.
  3. Application Techniques:

    • Depending on your desired result (glazing, toning, etc.), follow the recommended application techniques. This may involve applying the mixture to towel-dried hair, section by section.
  4. Processing Time:

    • Adhere to the specified processing time recommended for the chosen application. This ensures that the color develops evenly and achieves the desired intensity.

Important Note:

  • The Wella Developers are specifically designed for use with Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Haircolor. Ensure compatibility with other products if considering different brands.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

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