Red by kiss [Premium] Satin Sleep Cap, Leopard, X-Large HSLP02

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Red by Kiss Premium Satin Sleep Cap (Leopard, X-Large HSLP02)

  • Brand: Red by Kiss
  • Type: Premium Satin Sleep Cap
  • Size: X-Large
  • Design: Leopard
  • Features:
    • Premium Quality
    • Silky Satin Material
    • Breathable Dual Layers
    • Comfortable Elastic Band
    • Style Retention
    • Moisture Retention
    • Secure Fit All Night
    • Floral Design

Description: The Red by Kiss Premium Satin Sleep Cap in Leopard design (X-Large HSLP02) offers a luxurious and effective solution for protecting your hair while sleeping. Made with premium quality satin, this sleep cap provides a silky and gentle surface that helps in retaining your hairstyle and moisture. The breathable dual layers enhance comfort, and the comfy elastic band ensures a secure fit throughout the night. The X-Large size accommodates various hair types and styles. With a stylish floral design, this premium satin sleep cap combines functionality with fashion. Sleep comfortably while keeping your hair in great condition with the Red by Kiss Premium Satin Sleep Cap.

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