Pure O Natural NeatBraid Conditioning Shining Gel 16 oz



Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel

Product Description: Discover the life-changing benefits of Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel, a revolutionary product designed to transform your locks. Embrace a rich history and intricate beauty in just one re-twist, saving you time amidst the lengthy process of washing, twisting, clipping, and drying.


  1. Application:

    • For optimal results, take a small amount of Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel and apply it to each section of your hair.
    • Specifically, use the product for twist and lock tight purposes.
    • Ensure even distribution by working the gel into each section before twisting.
  2. Twisting:

    • After applying the gel, proceed to twist your hair. The product is formulated to enhance the twisting process, providing a smoother and more defined outcome.
  3. Drying:

    • To achieve the final finished look, it's recommended to sit under a dryer. This step helps set the twists and ensures a long-lasting, well-defined style.


  • Start with a small amount of the product and add more if needed.
  • Experiment with different twisting techniques to achieve your desired look.
  • Use Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel regularly to maintain healthy and shiny locks.

Embrace the efficiency and effectiveness of Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel, simplifying the process of achieving beautiful, well-maintained locks.

Why Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel: Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel is a revolutionary product designed to change the way you approach the intricate process of locking your hair. Locks have a rich history, and maintaining them can be time-consuming, involving multiple steps such as washing, twisting, clipping, and drying.

This product aims to simplify the process, offering a time-efficient solution that transforms your locks effortlessly. The conditioning shining gel not only aids in the twisting and locking process but also promotes a conditioned and shining finish.

To achieve the best results, follow the simple directions provided. Apply a small amount of Twist and Lock Tight to each section of the hair, followed by twisting. For the final finished look, sit under a dryer. Neatbraid Conditioning Shining Gel is your go-to solution for a hassle-free journey to well-maintained and radiant locks.

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