ORS Olive Oil Zone Targeted No Lye Relaxer Kit (B00075)



ORS Olive Oil Zone Targeted No Lye Relaxer Kit (

The ORS Olive Oil Zone Relaxer with a rich creme formula (Creme Relaxer + Base + Creme Relaxer Activator), ORS Olive Oil Zone Relaxer provide the perfect amount to easily and precisely zone in on edges, sides or back. Plus, this complete system is infused with moisturizing Olive Oil to help protect hair from damage during relaxing to deliver smoother, silkier, softer hair with beautiful Add Shine.

Key Features

  • Straightens small sections of hair (edges, back of head or an area left out) to blend in hair extensions.
  • Quality relaxer results in desired areas.
  • Efficient product usage.

Recommended Use

As a targeted-area relaxer. When silky smoothness is needed for a designated portion of the head.


Follow step by step guide in the kit to avoid skin and scalp irritations.

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