Ever Ego (formerly Alter Ego) NeQual Intensive Energizing Lotion 125ml- Revitalize Your Hair with Salon-Grade Care

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Ever Ego (formerly Alter Ego) NeQual Intensive Energizing Lotion 125ml: Revitalize Your Hair with Salon-Grade Care

Ever Ego's NeQual Intensive Energizing Lotion is a powerful solution designed to stimulate and encourage hair growth, particularly for those with thinning, fine, and weak hair. Crafted with precision in Italy, this salon-grade formula is enriched with natural oils and herbal extracts to restore and strengthen hair that may be experiencing hair fall. The 125ml amber bottle with a dropper ensures easy and precise application.

Key Features:

        1. Salon-Grade Formula: Formulated with capsicum extract known for its energizing and stimulating properties, this lotion delivers salon-grade care. It replaces animal extracts found in other products with vitamins and mineral salts derived from natural sources, contributing to the strengthening and revitalizing of the scalp and hair.

        2. Nourishing and Regenerating: NeQual nourishes and regenerates hair, providing a healthy boost for individuals dealing with hair loss, shedding, or balding. The synergistic action of herbal and seaweed extracts helps balance and purify the scalp, while wheat and soy proteins nourish and revitalize.

        3. Ever Ego Italy: A classic Italian innovative brand, Ever Ego stands out for its adherence to scientific advances in cosmetic trends. Utilizing the latest technologies, the brand develops exclusive, visionary, and safe products, delivering the best to men and women globally.

        4. Effective Hair Care Solution: Highly effective in fixing even the thinnest and weakest hair, this lotion promotes and encourages hair restoration, increasing volume and luster.

        5. Usage: After shampooing, apply the hair lotion and gently massage it into the scalp. It is recommended to test a small area before full use. For optimal results, pair with Ever Ego's Energizing Shampoo.

Elevate your hair care routine with Ever Ego's NeQual Intensive Energizing Lotion, a solution that combines the richness of natural extracts with advanced scientific formulations, offering a remedy your hair has been waiting for.

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