Dr. Miracle's New Growth No-Lye Relaxer Super



Dr. Miracle's New Growth No-Lye Relaxer Super

When it’s time for the next touch up, treat your new growth with Dr. Miracle’s New Growth Relaxer Kit, a gentle, no-lye relaxer formula. The special formulation reduces breakage, conditions, moisturizes, and utilizes the trusted Dr. Miracle’s Feel It Formula.

Active ingredients:
Vitamin E
Vitamin E can boost circulation and oxygen supply 
to the scalp, promoting hair growth. It acts as an antioxidant,
protecting the body’s cells from damaging free radicals 
that can speed thinning and greying of hair. 
Sufficient Vitamin E helps to repair damage 
and strengthen hair follicles.

Spray directly on scalp before you shampoo. Allow for penetration and gently massage to lift the flakes from your scalp, clearing the scalp of all impurities.

Kit contains:
No-Lye Relaxer Creme
Neutralizing Shmapoo
Leave-in Conditioner
Protective Gel (Petrolatum)
Protective Gloves
Mixing Spatula
Complete directions

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