Colora Henna Powder Hair Color

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Colora Henna Powder Hair Color 

Discover the safest and most natural way to change your hair color with our chemical-free hair dye made from all-natural henna. At Nature's Brands, our favorite choice is to use plant extracts like indigo, rhubarb, and lichen to ensure a safe and effective home coloring experience.

Not only will this dye give you a beautiful new shade, but it will also provide your hair with a glossy sheen, enhancing its overall appearance.

While 100% natural henna hair dyes are considered semi-permanent, the absorption of the plant extracts by the hair follicle can result in a longer-lasting color, with initial fading typically occurring after approximately two weeks.

You have the freedom to create new colors by applying the dye repeatedly, allowing you to experiment and find the perfect look for you. As a helpful, all-natural tip, using Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner can help hold and set the color.

Rest assured that our product is the best choice, offering pure ingredients derived from nature. We prioritize using natural and/or organic ingredients to ensure the highest quality and effectiveness.

And the best part? Despite being a top-quality and pure product, we offer it at the lowest and most affordable price, allowing you to achieve your desired hair color without breaking the bank.

While the instructions on the package may not specifically mention mixing the henna powder with boiling water, it is true that using hot water can enhance the results, similar to steeping tea. By using boiling water, the henna powder can release its color more effectively.

To begin, wash your hair with a 100% natural shampoo, ensuring that your hair is clean and free from any product buildup. After shampooing, apply a natural conditioner that can help set the henna in your hair. It is recommended to wash your hair every other day to maintain the color and keep it vibrant.

For achieving a natural red hair look, a customer has found success by mixing 1 part Red Sunset Henna powder with 3 parts Natural Henna powder (Natural Henna contains no color but nourishes the hair). This ratio allows her to achieve a beautiful natural red shade that receives numerous compliments, even leading her to refer customers to the product. You can follow the same approach and even experiment by mixing two colors together to create a more customized and softened color result.

Remember to perform a patch test before applying the henna mixture to your entire head to ensure there are no adverse reactions or allergies. Enjoy the process of achieving a natural and stunning hair color with the flexibility to customize your desired shade.

How To Use


  • Begin the process by washing your hair with a natural shampoo and gently towel dry it to prepare for the henna application.

  • Create the henna mixture by combining 6-7 ounces of boiling water with 2 ounces of henna powder. Allow the mixture to cool down until it reaches a warm, comfortable temperature. Apply the henna mixture generously and evenly over your hair, ensuring complete coverage from roots to tips.

  • Carefully gather your hair on top of your head and layer it well with the henna mixture, making sure every strand is thoroughly coated.

  • Once your hair is fully coated, cover it with a shower cap to create a barrier and promote absorption. Leave the henna on your hair for at least one and a half hours, allowing it to work its magic.

  • After the recommended time has passed, remove the shower cap, preferably in a bath or shower area to avoid staining carpets or furniture. Rinse your hair thoroughly with water, ensuring all the henna is washed out until the water runs clear.

  • It's important to note that this henna product does not contain any parabens, propylene glycol, ammonia, PPD, or peroxide. It is a natural henna extract derived from a plant, and the added dye ingredients provide the desired color. Enjoy your beautifully colored hair with the confidence of using a chemical-free product.



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