CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL Kaleidocolors Clear Ice Powder Lightener 1oz/8oz

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  • CLAIROL PROFESSIONAL Kaleidocolors Clear Ice Powder Lightener

    Key Features:

    1. Ideal for Dark Brown to Light Blonde Hair: Specifically formulated to work on a range of hair colors, from dark brown to light blonde.

    2. Lightens and Tones in One Easy Step: This powder lightener is designed to provide both lightening and toning effects in a single application.

    3. Enriched with Moisturizing Aloe Vera: The formula is enriched with aloe vera, a moisturizing ingredient that helps keep the hair healthy during the lightening process.

    4. Healthy-Looking Highlights: Intended to give the hair healthy-looking highlights, enhancing its overall appearance.

    5. Quick Processing Time: Works within 10 minutes for a quick and efficient application.

    6. Clay-Based Tonal Powder Lightener: Specifically formulated with a clay-based formula, making it suitable for balayage and highlights.

    7. Lightens Hair Up to 6 Levels: Provides the ability to lighten the hair up to 6 levels, allowing for significant color change.

    8. Mixing Ratio: Recommended mixing ratio is 1:2 with 20 Vol Clairol Professional Crème Permanente Developer.

    9. Avoid Using Heat: The instructions advise against using heat during the process.

    How to Use:

    1. Mix the Clairol Professional Kaleidocolors Clear Ice Powder Lightener according to the recommended ratio using 20 Vol Clairol Professional Crème Permanente Developer.

    2. Apply the mixture to dry hair, focusing on the areas where highlights or tonal effects are desired.

    3. Allow the product to process for up to 10 minutes, monitoring the lightening progress.

    4. After achieving the desired results, rinse the hair thoroughly.

    5. Do not use heat during the process.

    This product is suitable for various coloring techniques, including balayage and highlights. Following the recommended instructions will help achieve optimal results while keeping the hair moisturized. If you have any specific questions or need further guidance, feel free to ask!

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