Clairol Permanent Liquid Color (SOY4PLEX) 2 fl oz-65 Color

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Clairol Permanent Liquid Color (SOY4PLEX) 2 fl oz-65 Color

The Clairol Permanent Liquid Color (SOY4PLEX) is a permanent liquid hair color available in 64 shades. It is designed for quick application and is suitable for coloring between foils. Here are some key features and information about this hair color:

Clairol Permanent Liquid Color Shades

Key Features:

  1. 64 Interchangeable Shades: Available in 64 intermixable shades, providing a wide range of color options.
  2. Gray Coverage: Ideal for deep conditioning gray coverage, offering 84% more conditioning than the leading professional cream.
  3. Gray Busters NN Series: Specifically designed for excellent gray coverage on resistant gray hair. The Gray Busters NN Series includes 6 rich shades.
  4. SOY4PLEX™ Formula: Formulated with the SOY4PLEX™ formula, which likely includes soy-based ingredients for conditioning benefits.
  5. Mixing Ratio: Simple 1:1 mixing ratio, making it easy to prepare and apply.

Usage Tips:

  1. For resistant gray hair, especially for excellent coverage, consider using the Gray Busters NN Series.
  2. Mixing with Clairol Professional Color Serum can provide additional conditioning benefits.
  3. For best results, use with Clairol Professional Pure White or Clairoxide developers.

Application: Follow the instructions provided on the product packaging for detailed application steps, including the recommended development time.

Note: Always perform a patch test before applying any hair color to ensure compatibility and minimize the risk of allergic reactions. Additionally, follow safety precautions and guidelines mentioned on the product packaging.

For the most accurate and updated information, refer to the product packaging or consult with a professional stylist.

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