Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color is ideal for those looking for beautiful, long-lasting results with 100% gray coverage or to enhance natural hair color. The unique powder formula is activated by water and deposits rich, natural-looking color into even the most stubborn gray hair. With no ammonia and no hydrogen peroxide required, this deposit only color is the gentle choice for rich color and optimum shine regardless of your natural hair color, consistency, condition, length or style! 

  1. Achieve stunning and long-lasting hair color with Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color, a gentle deposit-only formula that won't lighten your hair shade.
  2. Bigen's unique coloring system means less damage, as it doesn't require lifting (lightening) action, resulting in smooth, natural-looking, and shiny hair.
  3. Whether you desire excellent gray hair coverage or want to enhance your natural hair color, Bigen Permanent Powder is the ideal choice, backed by a proven formula trusted for over 60 years.
  4. This water-activated powder formula effortlessly deposits rich, natural-looking color even on stubborn gray hair, with no ammonia or harsh odor required.
  5. Experience beautiful, true-to-life, and long-lasting results without the need for hydrogen peroxide, making Bigen Powder Hair Color the economical solution for coloring your hair while preserving its health and natural beauty.
What makes it special?
  • Contains no ammonia and requires no peroxide
  • Provides a rich and natural look
  • Easy application

How to Use

  1. Prepare for a successful hair coloring process with Bigen by gathering all the necessary items, including the Bigen pack, a plastic or glass bowl/cup, a non-metal stirrer, plastic or rubber gloves, a cape or towel, a brush, and cold cream.
  2. Ensure optimal color results by avoiding pre-shampooing, unless your hair is very oily or treated with metallic colorants, such as hair color spray or henna compound, that may interfere with Bigen coloring.
  3. Safeguard against tint residue around the hairline by applying a thin coating of cold cream before starting the application, while also covering the upper part of your body with a towel or cape.
  4. Begin the coloring process by pouring Bigen Permanent Powder Hair Color into a plastic or glass cup or bowl, and adding room temperature tap water following the specified proportions provided in the instructions, making a smooth paste.
  5. Apply the Bigen Hair Color mixture quickly to dry or towel-dried hair using a brush, paying special attention to areas with more gray hair, ensuring complete coverage of every strand. Avoid using a dryer or cap during the coloring process.
  6. Monitor the development of your desired color by periodically checking a strand using cotton after 10 minutes, wiping it to assess the color, and continuing until the desired shade is achieved. Thoroughly rinse the hair with warm water, followed by washing with a mild shampoo until the water runs clear and free of color residue.

Read all instructions included with the package carefully before use.


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